The unbearable being of simplicity in relationships

By admin / August, 29, 2010 / 0 comments

I came to a conclusion, never be with someone who might think that Caravaggio is an italian dish, Nick Cave is a cave in Australia. Simplicity makes you simpler as well. As said Nietzsche, “the ones who fight with monsters should be very careful not to become one”. Life is a reaction circle, if the reaction you get back is simple you start to react simple as well. You might like the secure feeling of a regular relationship but after some experiences you will come to a conclusion that Ying Yang is the formula of the relationships, which you can never guess who would become a YING person and shock you, at least stay with a Objet Petit A (a dangerous desire objet defined by jacques lacan) , which possibly would break your heart one day but at least get better and passionate broken rather than a simple one.