Social Research Art

Shattered’ is a transnational, multidisciplinary research photography project. This is a new project that started two months ago and comprises of photography, sound and text. It documents the life and career aspirations of women who have been affected by our patriarchal world in a number of different ways. There is a photo of each woman holding a mirror. This displays themselves in reality and reflects what are they looking at outside the frame. This visual metaphor shows what is being left out of their lives but remains in their psyches. For Hatice and Derin (pictured) this is the schools they were not allowed to finish full time education.

Derin, 20 years old.
Excerpts from her recording: (translated from Turkish to English)
‘I had to change schools twice during high school due to bullying… I was studying to be a chef… In the end I had to leave all together on my graduation year… I couldn’t hold jobs due to being a transwoman… They would laugh at me and bully me… I am now a sex worker… I love to cook. I cook for my friends now…’ 

Hatice, 68 years old

Excerpts from her recording: (translated from Turkish to English)
‘My father died, my mom had 4 mouths to feed… She remarried. I was the eldest daughter… They married me to get rid of 1 mouth to feed. I left school before I could finish primary. I would have made a great teacher… Always wanted to have studied.’