London Bloggers Meetup

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On April 14th I was commissioned to take a series of photos for London Bloggers (LBM) Meetup. LBM’s guest speakers included the US’s Leo Babauta one of the Worlds most influential bloggers.

Oh and there was also an unlimited amount of free waffles.

You can now catch me every Weds on London Turkish Radio

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London Turkish Radio

You can listen to me speaking about art, music and culture each wednesday 16pm on London Turkish Radio.

Streaming Gilbert & George for Camden Council (London)

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I have started to direct a series of video streams for Camden Council. It is part of a collaborative project called ‘Cultural Camden’ and a partnership between Camden Council, The Roundhouse, Central School of Speech and drama and the Hampstead Theatre.

Here is a short promotional video from the first live stream featuring Gilbert & George.

Brick Lane bargins

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brick lane street market, cameras for 10 pounds!

From London with Love

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No matter the skin colour, heritage or the geography. The essence of the human  is the same wherever I go.. Tugba Tırpan

Ibiza Shoot

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The unbearable being of simplicity in relationships

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I came to a conclusion, never be with someone who might think that Caravaggio is an italian dish, Nick Cave is a cave in Australia. Simplicity makes you simpler as well. As said Nietzsche, “the ones who fight with monsters should be very careful not to become one”. Life is a reaction circle, if the reaction you get back is simple you start to react simple as well. You might like the secure feeling of a regular relationship but after some experiences you will come to a conclusion that Ying Yang is the formula of the relationships, which you can never guess who would become a YING person and shock you, at least stay with a Objet Petit A (a dangerous desire objet defined by jacques lacan) , which possibly would break your heart one day but at least get better and passionate broken rather than a simple one.

Vilhelm Hammershoi in the Tate Modern London

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traditionally the subject in the paintings are expected to be face towards the audience, Hammershoi changes this completely to the other way around and the viewer never gets the knowledge of the subject’s actual face, this rises the tension and curiosity  also as we stare at her from behind Hammershoi puts us into a situation where we are voyeuring her secretly.  it makes me feel a bit weird and uncomfortable eventhough i try myself the same visual expectation shock in my own works. Very good work i have to admit.

Shameless for Channel 4 (Shooting)

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Shameless Season 8 shooting, mimi, micky..singing sugar in the plum plum plum. This series was unlike any other production that I have worked on. 🙂

My thoughts…

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There is no real and memory only those that have been raped by fantasies

—Tugba Tirpan


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was taken on dia positive many many years ago. a bit of memory.

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Feels like back to tudors time, The view from St James Park London. sweet isnt it?

Arif Ozakca

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Today i went to Saatchi Gallery London, and bumbed into this Turkey origin English painter Arif Ozakca`s paintings. Carrying his roots to his recent life in England.

Bugun Saatchi Sanat galerisinde Arif Ozakca isimli turk asilli dogma buyume Londra`li bu ressami kesfettim. Turk tarihiyle Hristiyan gecmisini harmanlamis, garip bir sanat tarzina sahip olmus. Begendim kendisini.


Inception by Christopher Nolan

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Edgar Allan Poe said ‘in a night, or in a day, in a vision, or in none,is it therefore the less gone? all that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.’ I dont if you knew it but Mr. Londoner Nolan`s undergraduate degree is on “english literature”. perhaps not the previous movies but this one is a respect show to his former background education. Poe is not English, he is may be first greatest American writer but Poe is a big name for everyone who ever studied literature. Nolan finishes the movie as Poe starts one of his books ` i dedicate this book to the ones who believe that dreams are the reality`

Nolan satisfies the last 2 world war seen century`s dark art lover society. .Francis Bacon one of the darkest painters of the last century. He has expressionism, surrealism and distopia under his dark wings and flys with postmodern unity. There is no doubt Poe being dark either! iconographically inception is not as dark as the movies it has references in it such as Matrix, The Dark City or Bladerunner, ideas wise its quite distopic.

My last sentence about this movie is: `as fantasy became sci-fi, dreams will become reality oneday`.


Model/Assistant/Photographer I love both sides of the camera :)

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Styling and modelling in Barca

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I have done a lot of asissting job for a british photographer in Barcelona, also did some modelling and styling for him..