The first photography was taken by North American Richard Avedon in the late 70s, and the second one is taken by British Nick Knight in 1997, at first look you might feel the composition inspiration,but they are very different all ways.  We live in the postmodern era, many philosophers and writers claims that we are living at the end of the history where it started to accumulate, instead of being progressive, inspiration becomes the major source of creativity since the visual communication tools turned into almost visual attack weapons, mankind seen many different art movements caused by different socio reasons, now we entered the postmodern era first time which is not a movement but a happening. noone literally made a big effort to set a ‘postmodern art aesthetics nor a border of art’ likewise the previous movements, postmodernizm created itself. so we can claim that uniqueness is how you shape your inspiration now in the 21 century. Mr. Avedon has taken this photo a decade after sexual revolutions have started in the western world. Body used to be a sacred object turned into a hidden treasure to be discovered. in this photograph Avedon looks into the body, uses nudity and human body as his main ‘discourse’. Also we shouldnt dismiss that mr. avedon does something unusual than many photographers of his period and he undresses men rather than women, women has became a ‘meta’ for many visual commercial purposed works and women nudity used as a ‘attractive desirous weapon’ against men. in avedons photo, women represented with their faces, clothes where men showed only with their naked bodies. a very brief overlook of avedon after all feminism and women right movements shaped between 1960-80s. When we move to Mr. Knights photograph the feeling of power turns into a literal power situation: war. Mr Knight is a British citizen, obviously old stinky continent europe is very used to wars, blood, discriminations and sufferings. European people always carry the heritage of unpleasant days happened over a thousand years. this photography is almost like a ‘francis Bacon’ painting, with distorted bodies, blood and pain where you can find very very few in fashion photography world. fashion always tried to be protected by the sufferings of the daily life and world issues, thats why i like mr.knight because he destroys the gap between real world and fashion. Who claimed fashion should be far beyond reality and anything negative or unpleasant? did they think that they can not sell something real, because people believed buying a item of glamourous fashion world would give them a little bit of the fancy life they show?