Collage, 2020

Leviathan – disaster capitalism- is leading us into destruction. Rainforests on fire, oceans dying, the ozone poisoned. Leviathan feeds on exponential growth, relentless extraction, and destruction of nature.  Covid-19 only exposed what been known for a while: the catastrophes effect certain segments of the society quite differently.  Whether it’s the privilege of being able to shield during a pandemic or being safe from the natural disasters raging in the Global South.  The top image in this work is taken from the cover of Thomas Hobbes‘ famous 1651 social contract book ‘Leviathan’ which has become the symbol of legitimacy of the rulers and their safe distance from the ones they exploit. Leviathan is changing, it is everywhere.  It is in the air we breath, it is in our homes, it is on our TVs, it is in our heads, it is digital, it is material. It has taken over.