Year: 2020 |  Site Specific UV lights and text installation  4m*3m 
Anti- psychiatry  mental health hegemony language


All the text on the walls have been written as a stream of consciousness over the course of 3 days.






*under day light                              *under UV light

Language is a tool for communication but it can also be unobtrusively oppressive under social norms and social constructs of the time. Self in Transit explores where language can operate within a framework of power, institutions and control.  Sometimes we need to look at things in a ‘different light’. This can enable us to see what might be going on under the facade of daily language and free ourselves from our predefined and sometimes self-imposed limits.

This intimate and personal work exposes the artist’s own psyche unfiltered as an emancipatory mediatory using language as a subversive tool. This work explores; self policing, shame, individualism, psycho-politics, self-exploitation,  mental *health* and other such issues experienced within our neoliberal societies.

Today’s language and narrative often instills the belief that we are the sole reason of our own unhappiness, depressions, miseries, failures and confusions while concealing the systemic and systematic reasons.