Disturbances is shot after the request from Hackney Council as part of a research project about riots awareness in the minorities living in London. Our part was the Turkish Community.


Disturbances/2011 from Balık Arts on Vimeo.


Balik Arts and IDMC (International Dance and Music Centre), in partnership, were among a group of organisations funded by Hackney CVS and Team London to undertake a project related to the August Disturbances. Currently based in Hackney, which was one of the affected areas of London, Balik Arts has been working with children, young people and adults from disadvantaged backgrounds to provide them with access to arts and culture since 1999, and Turkish/Kurdish communities have been one of the main target groups since the inception. Frequently working with young people from Hackney, IDMC is a Turkish/Kurdish (Non-Political) Youth Club. It provides Kurdish folk dancing lessons (for all ages), drama lessons, guitar lessons and many other opportunities.